Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holocaust Time Line: How Could This Happen?

In order to have the proper context when studying the Holocaust, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of the events that lead to Hitler getting pwer, maintaining power, the treatment of the Jews and other groups, Jewish resistance, and the demise of the Nazis.  The way we will be doing this is through group work, group investigation and group presentation. In your group of 3-5, you will be responsible for learning about and presenting 1 section of the timeline to the rest of the class.  You will also be responsible for the making and the adminstering of a quiz on your section.  


The Timeline section focuses on the history of the Holocaust, chronicling the years from 1918 to the present. Hitler's rise to power was the initiation of a period that wrought great fear and destruction. Millions were forced to live in ghettos, only to be deported later to the concentration camps. The tragic details remained obscure until the liberation of the death camps and the further revelations during the Nuremberg War Trials. The subsections below offer a simplified outline for thinking about how the Holocaust unfolded. However, it should be kept in mind that many of the categories overlap.

After you have spent considerable time making jot notes on your section (make sure you have a good understanding of all the information you present), it is time to present your learning to the class.  Your group can present any way you chose.  Possible options are:
  • Presentaions using:
    • OneTrueMedia
    • Googledocs
    • Comic Life
    • Animoto
    • Movie Maker
    • Glogster
    • Other
  • Visuals
    • simular to the Heritage Fair displays
  • Oral Presentations
    • need to have visuals to go with speech
  • Other
    • need to meet with teacher
The medium you use is important, but not not as important as the information you are presenting.  Make sure you spend considerable time researching and understanding your section since you will be available for questions after your presentation.


Your group will also need to have some sort of assessment at the end of your presentation to check for class understanding.  The quiz may use the  following formats:
  • Short answer questions
  • multiple choice
  • matching
  • essay-remember you have to mark it too!!
Holocaust Presentation Grading Sheet
    Example of Presentationusing One True Media

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