Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Post Fight Interview-The Outsiders

One of the most anticipated parts of the novel is the rumble between the Greasers and the Socs.  There is a lot of emotion and a lot of the conflicts in the novel come to a head in this scence.

In a group of 5 or 6, you are to make a 2-5 minute post-fight interview.  In your interview, you must meet thge following criteria:
  1. Have an interviewer who asks the characters questions that pertain to the fight
    1. The group must come up with the questions together
  2. The other students must represent the main characters in the rumble.  Every student in the group must have a role.
    1. Ponyboy
    2. Darry
    3. Dally
    4. Paul (the Soc who ussed to be Darry's friend)
    5. other
  3. When you chose an actor, try to use the language they would use; also try to display the emotion the character would have after being in the rumble. 
  4. Once you have practiced a few times, record your interview with an IPad.
  5. Put all the interviews together in an IMovie presentation
Examples of Post-Fight Interviews:

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