Friday, August 31, 2012


It's the beginning of the year and it's time to get to know each other.  Some of you are brand new to Lakeview School while others have been at Lakeview School for all your school years. It really doesn't matter; no matter how well you think you know someone, there's always something new to learn!

Your first assignment of the year will allow you to get to know everyone in the class a bit more, and more importantly, let everyone learn some cool things about YOU!
  • What information do I want you to share about yourself?
      1. Your name and picture
      2. Hobbies
      3. List and describe family
      4. Future aspiration ie: dream job,  things you would like to achieve or have
Some More Options:
  1. The funniest thing that ever happened to you
  2. Someone you admire
  3. A favorite or valued poem or quotation
  4. Favorite Bands /or music (minimal passages)
  5. Movies
  6. Foods
  7. Places you have been or would like to go!
  8. Pets
  9. Books
  10. Strongly held belief
  11. Friends
  12. What you would like to do this year (camps, plays, sports)
First Step
  1. Use a Storyboard to establish what order you will have your presentation in. Below are some important points to ponder:
    1. Logical flow
    2. Text drives the content…not the pictures.
    3. Storyboard must be approved by teacher
  2. 10 slide minimum----50 slide maximum. (presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes)
Next Step
  1.  Once you are done the planning and storyboarding, it is time to start creating your presentation.  I would like you to use Animoto to make your presentation. While you are designing your project, keep the following in mind:
    • What music will I  have in the presentation?
    • What themes/colors will I use?
    • What transitions will I use?

Last Step
  1. When you are done your presentation and have proofread it NUMEROUS times, I would like you to download your presentation and save it under My Videos (make sure you're logged into your own account) AND your flashdrive.
ASSESSMENT- Be sure to read rubric carefully to ensure project is doe to best of ability.

Beginner: 1 point
Novice: 2 points
Intermediate: 3 points
Expert: 4 points
Teacher Evaluation
Student Evaluation
Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information. No storyboard
Audience has difficulty following presentation because student jumps around. Storyboard not complete.
Student presents information in logical sequence which audience can follow. Storyboard complete
Student presents information in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow. Storyboard exceeds expectations
Student does not have grasp of information; student cannot answer questions about subject.
Student is uncomfortable with information and is able to expand only rudimentary questions.
Student is at ease with content, but fails to elaborate.
Student demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) with explanations and elaboration.
Student used no visuals, or visuals distracted the reader from the content.
Student occasional used visuals that rarely support text and presentation.
Visuals related to text and presentation.
Student used original visuals to reinforce screen text and presentation.
Student's presentation had four or more spelling errors and/or grammatical errors.
Presentation had three misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Presentation has no more than two misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.
Transition Effects
Slide and text transition effects distracted from the presentation
There were no transition effects used.
Slide and text transition supported the presentation
Slide and text transition effects were used in an original and exemplary manner.
20-17= A 16-15=B
Anything else will need to be re-done

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