Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Important Notice


             Finally, through class discussion and some hard work, we have come to the consensus to try to do a bike trip.  The plan is to drive (thanks parent drivers!!) to Christopher Lake, unload our gear and bikes and ride to Anglin Lake (40 km) to camp for two nights.    Once we are at Anglin, we will do a lot of fun activities (that are still in the planning state) and, most importantly, have some time to do some final bonding as a class. The whole trip will cost approximately $35-40 (food not included).  A final cost will be figured out ASAP.   We will use some of the money raised from the dessert theatre, although a lot of that money will be used to pay for farewell.

            The dates associated with the camp are as follows.  Volunteers are still needed for the practice rides!  Don’t miss the fun and the challenge. 
  • Wed, June 8 p.m.-  warm-up ride #1-Mrs. Simpson
  • Fri, June 17 p.m.-  warm-up ride #2-we will need at least one support driver
  • Mon., June 20th to Wed, June 22nd -  bike to Anglin Lake

Below is a list of volunteers we have coming on the trip so far:
  1. Mr. Catton (car)- 4 students
  2. Troy-Ryan’s uncle (truck/trailer) -4students
  3. Mrs. Phipps (van)-6 students
  4. Michaela (truck/trailer)-5 students
  5. Deidre (suv)-5 students
  6. Derek (van)-6 students

If there are any mistakes with volunteer list, email me at cattonc@spsd.sk.ca

The students will be going into camping/cooking groups.  In that group, they will be responsible for having a tent and making a menu that suits the entire group.  They will also be responsible for getting groceries.  We will spend some class time picking groups, and planning menus. 

*Students have equipment list and recommended food list

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