Monday, June 13, 2011

Important Notices


             Here is the final letter summarizing what will be happening next Monday to Wednesday.  The cost of the camp will be $35/student with money going to fuel for parent drivers, cost of 2 night camp rental and puppy camp at Sundog Sled Excursions.  Cash is preferred since class accounts are closed during the last 2 weeks of school.

            The dates associated with the camp are as follows: 
  • Thurs, June 16 p.m.-  warm-up ride #2- support driver: Connie
  • Mon., June 20th to Wed, June 22nd -  bike to Anglin Lake

Below is a list of volunteers we have coming on the trip:
  1. Mr. Catton (car)- 4 students
  2. Mrs. Phipps (truck w hitch)-6 students
  3. Michaela (truck)-5 students
  4. Connie (van)-6 students
  5. Deidre (suv)-5 students
  6. Derek (van)-6 students
  7. Barb
  8. Tony-adult rider #2
If there are any mistakes with the volunteer list, email me at

The students have made their camping/cooking groups.  In those groups, they will be responsible for having a tent, cook stove, large water jug and making a menu that suits the entire group.  They will also be responsible for getting groceries. 

After-Farewell Party

This letter is on behalf of the parent after-farewell planning committee.  The after-farewell party will not be on same day as farewell.  Instead it will take place the following evening on Tuesday, June 28th at the MERRILL DUNES OUTDOOR PAINTBALL & LASER TAG.  It will take place from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm; during that time the students will take part in paintball and will have pizza and pop.  Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from Merrill Dunes.  If parents want to participate in the paintball, please let us know so they can be included in the final numbers. Parents must also sign the waiver form (included) in order for their child to take part in the paintball. The cost of the evening will be $35/person.  This is the price for only the paintball since the cost of pizza and pop has been covered by the money made from the 50/50 sales at the dessert theatre. For those students who brought prizes for the gift baskets, the cost for you will be $7/person. Those students are Grant, Ryan, Derek, Braeden, Dominic, Dakota, and Conor.  Money is due this Friday by cash or cheque (made out to Merrill Dunes).
Directions to Merrill Dunes:
1.       Go south on Circle Drive from 22nd Street or from 11th Street.  Go past the City Landfill and take Valley Road south.
2.       After you pass the Strawberry Ranch, turn right (west) on Merrill School Road and go past Merrill Road (#3062) and come to Merrill Lane (#3063).
3.       There is a Merrill Dunes sign at the intersection of Merrill School Road and Merrill Lane. Turn left (south) and go approx 1km.
4.       The Dunes is at 457 Merrill Lane and a sign also lets you know that you have arrived!  Directional signs will guide you to the parking lot.
*Be sure to wear old clothes!

Bake Sale
The after-farewell planning committee has also planned a grade 8 bake sale for this Friday (recess and lunch).  They ask that each student bring 2 dozen baked goods for Friday morning.  All the money raised, will go towards the students after-farewell activities. 

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