Monday, June 13, 2011

Social Studies/LA Test Summary

Social Studies/Language Arts Test-Residential Schools , Treaties and No Time To say Goodbye novel
Friday, June 24th

1.       Pass and Permit System (handout)
2.       Contract and Covenant
3.       Residential Schools (novel, video: Childhood Lost)
4.       Key Definitions; Aboriginal Peoples, Anti-racist education, Assimilation, Racism, Systematic discrimination
5.       For Angela-video
6.       Royal Proclamation (1763), BNA Act 1867, Indian Act, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
a.       Able to describe main ideas
b.      Compare and contrast:
                                                              i.      Royal Proclamation to BNA Act
                                                            ii.      Indian Act to Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms
7.       No Time To Say Goodbye Novel

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