Friday, January 13, 2012

Deep Sea Biology

You only have 100 minutes to gather info, so you need to work quickly!

You need to research your fish and find information about:
·        Where your fish lives/lived (what depth and zone of the ocean it is found)

·        Characteristics
o   Physical characteristics
o   Gestation
o   Other

·        Adaptations suited for survival in its environment
o   Extremely pressure
o   No sunlight
o   Survival

Make jot notes and a way to present it
·        All submitted to Mr. Catton
·        Post presentation on blog

Points will be given based on:

Appropriate classroom behavior (no games)                 ________/  10 points possible
Quality of information                                         ________/ 10 points possible
Presentation                                                          ________/  15 points possible
3 or more references                                             ________/  5 points possible
Picture of fish                                                       ________/  5 points possible

                                                                             ________/  45 Total points

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