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How Can We Communicate to Educate?- Public Service Announcement: HELP STOP BULLYING AT LAKEVIEW SCHOOL

A well made PSA will motivate people to take action to improve their communities, families and their own lives. Effective PSAs will attract attention, get the audience thinking, make the message personally relevant, believable and interesting to the target audience.

Activity 1
Using the sheet provided above you must analyze the following PSAs:

2.1 Video Assignment 1: Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Using the guidelines below, respond through research, writing and story boarding to conceptualize a :30-1min PSA.

A good PSA campaign focuses on service to the public. Make sure your campaign idea deals with a significant public problem for which a solution can be offered through advertising. Do not develop a campaign which arouses public concern but offers no solution. Media messages are fleeting. One compelling central message, clearly presented with a simple call for action, is the most effective. This is also usually summed up with a “tag line” that is easy to remember.

Good PSA campaigns are based on research. In a real campaign, it may be delivered over the period of three years in order to measure attitude or behavior change. Research allows for measurable results. Measurable results can be calls to a hotline, changes of attitude measured through surveys, etc.

Make sure your PSA can answer the following questions: Complete these questions and hand in to Mr. Catton

  1. Target Audience: Whom do I want to speak to? Are there any barriers to understanding the message?
  2. Message: What is the proposed message? What do I want the person who is watching this to understand?
  3. Action Step: What is the call to action? What do I want the person to do? What can an individual do in the home or community? How will the action solve the problem?
  4. Significance of Issue to the Public: What is the proposed issue? Describe the problem and why it is important to the public? Are there any statistics involved which might be useful?
Assignment Guidelines
You must submit the following as part of your pre-production:
- Storyboard

Class Co-Constructed Criteria
 An effective PSA has…
  • A reason or purpose
  • Facts or statistics to reinforce the purpose
  • A good tag line/ slogan
  • A relevant message (know your audience)
  • Follow-up information (if your audience wants more information, ex. a website or a phone number)
  • Good composition (the video is shot well)
Production Paperwork
  • Storyboard /30
    • Each shot is sketched out, using a variety of shot types and keeping composition in mind
  • Group work evaluation (see rubric) /30
  • Video (see rubric) /40

Your completed :30- 1 min  PSA will be evaluated based on the following rubric. Videos without accompanying production paperwork will not be marked. You may keep production paperwork in your group folder provided to you . The production paperwork will be taken into consideration for your grade.

Group Work
You will be peer-evaluated by your group members on the following rubric for a total possible 32 points. These will be considered part of your video mark as working on a team is part of video production. Mr. Cattonwill have the final say on your group work mark and group members will be able to submit their evaluations privately.

    Finished Products

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