Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update - Wanuskewin Field Trip

Wanuskewin Forms & Fee$

 The Gr7/8 class will be going on a field trip to Wanuskewin Heritage Park on Nov2, 2011. The park is located just outside of Saskatoon. In Social, I have started the Unit on Treaties and the first topic is examining the  First Nations people and British (Western) people historical worldviews. Wanuskewin is a historical park that teaches about the cultural, spiritual and archaeological side of the First Nations people of Saskatchewan. The class and I are excited to go on a field trip and since this is my very first field trip as an Intern Teacher I think I am more excited then they are. 

Students need to bring $3.50 for the trip. We will be taking a bus to and from the park. I sent a letter home last week with the details of the trip. If a parent/guardian can sign the letter and send  it back with your son/daughter this would be appreciated. Once I have the itinerary for the day's event I will post it to the blog. 

Students may bring along some extra spending money for the restaurant and gift shop! Make sure your son/daughter is dressed for the weather as we will be going outdoors for some of the activities.Students may pre-order a meal and I will send forms home tomorrow. I encourage students to pre-order their meals before hand. If you are able to print off the menu and fill it out and send it back to school tomorrow this would help. We are still in need of two chaperones and if you are able to volunteer we would greatly appreciate it! There would be no admission cost for the parent volunteers. Thank you in advance. 

Mrs. Nelson

Wanuskewin Group Menu

Menu A
Bison Cheeseburger                                               $6.25
Menu B
Hot Dog                                                                    $5.50
Menu C
Chicken Fingers                                                       $6.25
Menu D 
Bison Smokie                                                            $5.50
Above choices comes with fries OR salad, and a drink

Menu E
Brown bag Lunch                                                    $8.10
Comes with sandwich, fruit, juice and a cookie


Menu 1
Bison Cheeseburger                                               $8.35
Menu 2
Bison Smokie                                                            $7.60
Menu 3
Chicken Fingers                                                       $8.35
Menu 4
Hot Dog $7.60
Above choices comes with fries OR salad, and a drink

Menu 5
Brown Bag Lunch                                                    $8.10
Comes with sandwich, fruit, juice and cookie
                                 (menu prices include GST)                  Total $___________       

             Student__________________      Parent's Signature_______________

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