Friday, October 21, 2011

Wanuskewin Field Trip

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Field Trip

Dear parent/guardians,

Just around the corner, Mrs. Nelson & Mr. Catton grade 7/8 class will be going to Wanuskewin Heritage Park on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 The cost of the trip will be $3.50 per student. In Social studies we have started the Treaty Unit. I Mrs. Nelson was employed as an Interpretive Guide throughout the summer for the last 10years at the park. I know first hand that this will be a great learning opportunity to experience First Nations Culture. The students will learn how it was to live and survive off the land. The students will also learn the traditional ways of the Plains Cree people. We will be renting a bus to travel to and from the park. What’s important now is finding 2 parent-volunteers for the trip to go ahead. If you are able to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Nelson via email ( It would be great if we could have the 2 parent-volunteers.  Thanks in advance.

The Tour Package includes:
·         DVD Presentation (20min)
·         Access to all Trails, Exhibits, Galleries
·         Plus any two programs OR 1 Module
·         Traditional Dance Performance when scheduled
·         Min of 12 required to for Tour packages
*Chaperones with Groups FREE

It is essential that Adults\teachers are present during the tour. They require one adult for ten students in our group. Your assistance will be needed to prepare and distribute materials, monitor students, to provide a speed you the use of equipment and most importantly assist in cleanup. Chaperones are also expected to assist in monitoring the tour group and ensure that the artwork and walls are not touched. Please remind your students prior to your arrival and during your visit that the works of art must not be touched.
Here is a link to Wanuskewin Heritage Park

*Any help you can offer is great appreciated! Please remind your children prior to your arrival and during your visit that the works of art must not be touched.

                                                                                                         Mrs. Nelson & Mr. Catton

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