Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Trailer on Novel of Your Choice

A new, great way to promote your book is with video! These videos are called Book Trailers. They are similar to a movie trailer, in that they are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current novel and to encourage people to read the book that they are based on.  Check out the cool movie trailer for Avatat.

The main difference between a movie trailer and a book trailer is that a movie trailer already has visual images to work with - clips from the film. With a book trailer, the maker has to convert the written words into visual images. The trick is to convey a sense of what the book is about without giving anything away. 

Your book trailer must include information that reveals your understanding of the following elements within your novel:
  • characters
  • plot--be very carefull not to 'give away' the climax of the novel
  • setting
  • theme
  • tone/mood
Comparing Book Trailers Assignment

Compare/Contrast Organizer

How to Begin…

1. Go to Concept Map Website and begin planning your book trailer.  Your concept map should contain the main concepts of Theme, Setting, Characters and Plot.  Begin to plan out what you want to include in your book trailer. Here's an example using Bubbleus

2. Storyboard your ideas out.  This is probably the most important step of the whole creating process since if it's not done properly, your whole project will be difficult.  Check out the following link for the stroyboard you are to use.  Make sure you have a ``hook`` to grab the viewers attention.
    1. Storyboard -The first thing you want to consider is how to convey the idea of your book, and get people excited about it - excited enough to want to read it!  Think about how you want your trailer to look. Perhaps a video compiled of still images or a mixture of stills and video....It's up to you.
      • A musical background to add interest and emotion.
      • What method of changing from one scene to the next do you want to employ? Do you want to fade to black? Or use some kind of manipulation that gives the impression of a page turning, or a spiraled fade?
3. Take a look at some more good movie trailers. What made you want to go see the movie? Did the intensity build as the trailer progressed? Did the music quicken, or create a particular feeling? All great trailers have a effective tag lines that grabs the viewer's attention and doesn't let go.

4. Now that you have it all mostly planned out (remember that it's fine to make changes throughout the process), it's time to start using some technolgy to take your idea from a vision to reality.  The technology we will be using for this project is OneTrueMedia.  Thia final process of making the book trailer is the fun part; especially if you have done all the proper pre-planning.

 *Check out some of the book trailers students did last year (Daniel's Story)  and The Outsiders for some great ideas. 


Book Trailer Rubric

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