Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal Journals 

I Mrs. Nelson introduced personal Journals and we will be working on them every Friday. Personal Journals will help me and Mr. Catton observe and assess where each student is at. Through the journals I hope to learn how your son/daughter is doing both academically and personally. The journals are a tool to better understand their strengths and struggles to make their learning successful.

These Personal Journals can also help the students self assess their short term & long term goals. This is where I introduced Future Me. org a website that the students will write a letter to themselves in the future.

Self Assessment: students will use this to self assess on their personal feelings, reflections, writing mechanics and goals in the journal entry.  These personal journals will not be graded and are mostly used as a form to communication between the teacher and student to help identify issues or celebrate goals.

Reminder -students bring back forms with your updated Personal information & Permission Forms of Student information.

Website for students to work on their letter to their future selves http://www.futureme.org/

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