Monday, September 12, 2011


Students investigated and identified how art expressions can reflect diverse worldview
      -examined the history of the First Peoples of Canada’s Rock Art
      -used the symbolism within Rock art to create their own pictograph on rock. 

    Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Alberta  video...

Youtube Video: The Class viewed this you tube video for a interpretation from an Aboriginal perspective-Blackfoot of Alberta
1. What can you learn from viewing at ROCK-ART?
 Mode of transportation-horses-foot-indicates a time-line Animals-indicates geography Landscape-Canada’s Geography        -ex: crossings-warning-trail splits—similar to street signs Symbolism-meaning Storytelling-historical records Art-Expression 
Students should know the difference between a Petroglyph& Pictograph.
Petroglyphs - "are carved, pecked, chipped or abraded into stone. 
      Pictographs - "are painted onto stone and are much more fragile than petroglyphs.
      Co-Creating Criteria - Students & Mrs.Nelson
              Neatness-Art work should be neat in appearance                Creativity- Interpretation,color,detail,               Effort      - Did student make a good effort 
       Self Evaluation -hand in to Mrs. Nelson (Desk)
         Rock Art Self Evaluation Form- finish for next class
Name:                    Date:
  1. What have I learned from this?
  1. What sort of effort I put into the work?
  1. What is my interpretation of my Rock?
  1. Am I satisfied with my word? Explain...
   Thanks, Mrs. Nelson

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