Friday, September 30, 2011

Mrs. Nelson's-List of Assignments

 Residential School Unit -Assignment List- Social/L.A   

  • This is a list of all the assignments & in class worksheets from the start of the year. I have given our students alot of time to finish their assignments in class and extra time to catch up. If they were not able to finish then it was homework. I Mrs. Nelson have been lenient on the due dates  as our schedule has moved around to accommodate time for CAT testing. 
     Handouts include: group work sheets,student sheets-review-Reflective Journals-personal reflections-  KWL-chart-Self Evaluation Sheet, Response Journal-Blogger-online
  1. Reflection Journal
  2. Rock Art- Self Evaluation Sheet 
  3. What it means to be Canadian-group work -handout
  5. KWL chart - Residential Schools
  6. Residential School Simulation-reflection 
  7. "For Angela" Viewing Guide-handout 
  8. Residential School Review- definitions(Intro Lesson-Student Sheet-Thomas Moore-photo) 
  9. Experiencing Prejudice & Discrimination-question sheet
  10. For Angela-Response Journal- Blogger -Evaluated-rubric-posted
                                                                     Thank You, Mrs. Nelson.

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