Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Angela -Response Journal Assignment

In class today we will be working on response journals in the library on the computers. The students watched a video "For Angela" -by Nancy Trites Botkin & Daniel Prouty. There is a link to the video "For Angela" it is a short film that is based on a true story. The topic of the movie deals with racism and even though it is short  film it is very powerful. The Unit I am teaching is Residential Schools, in both subjects: Language Arts and Social Studies. The students have participated in all of the activities and group work with a positive attitude. This is an encouragement as I am learning the ropes of  "Teaching"!
                                                                   Sincerely, Mrs. Nelson.

For Angela –Response Journal-length 2 paragraphs 
  • Response journals relate your personal opinions and experiences to something you have studied in class. Write a response journal on the video for Angela. Choose your own topic or address one of the following: Refer back to the Student Worksheet-Thomas Moore and your handouts of definitions and terminology, (ex: racism, stereotype, discrimination, prejudice, Aboriginal, First Nation, assimilation, European etc...).
1)    Can you relate to any of the experiences of any of the characters in the story?

2)   Why do you think no one on the bus stopped the boys from doing what they were doing? What might that say about the society in which we live?

3)   Discuss how Angela changed as a result of the humiliation.

4)   After the boys had been caught they were required to spend the day with Angela and her mother to learn more about them as people. Do you think this consequence was enough? Why or why not? Can you suggest any other consequences that would have done more good for the boys and possibly for Angela and Ms Gordon?

         Rubric for Response Journa "For Angela" 
               Rating Scale: Evaluation mark   /16 

 For Angela –Response Journal –Rubric

Needs improvement
There are two complete paragraphs.
There is almost two complete paragraphs.
There is at least one paragraph.
There is not a full paragraph.
terminology & definitions (ex : racism, prejudice, discrimination) 

The student included at least four facts  
from the video & personal experience along with the correct terminology.
The student included at least three facts
from the video & personal experience but did not use the correct terminology.
The student included at least one fact from the video & personal experience. 
The student included no facts from the video & personal experience.
Feeling (expression)
The student showed feeling and emotion. Portrayed a character convincingly.
The student wrote emotions felt, but did not include any supporting evidence.
The student attempted to write feelings.
The student included no feelings.
capital letters
The student made 1-2 mistakes.

The student only made 2-4 mistakes.
The student made 3-5 mistakes
The student made 5 or more mistakes.

Rating Scale       Excellent -4marks       Good -3marks      Fair –2marks       Needs Improvement -1mark
1.       Length   __   /4
2.       Content __   /4
3.       Feeling___   /4
4.       Grammar__  /4                     Total ____/16marks

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